Keeping Tradition Up-To-Date

According to documentary evidence the "Weingut am Rosenberg" has belonged to the Brösch wine-growing family since 1530. For twenty-five generations the estate has been preserved, extended and renewed, the soil carefully tilled, and the valuable knowledge of wine-making and grape-tending passed on from father to son. Since 1985 Arnold Brösch Jr. has been carrying on the proud tradition of a family that has never lived more than 6 kilometres away from its vineyards since 1530.

A self-marketing wine estate, the "Weingut am Rosenberg" today supplies customers all over the world not only with Arnold Brösch Jr.'s carefully cultivated, fresh, elegant white wines, typical of the region, but also – a real rarity in the Mosel region – with the much-sought-after Spätburgunder red wine, as well as liqueurs and fine spirits. The estate has a loyal international clientele, particularly in the USA and also in Great Britain, so the annual production of between 100,000 and 120,000 bottles often sell out very quickly.. With its adherence to traditional quality combined with the very latest marketing techniques, today's generation is laying the foundations for the next — ensuring that Rosenberg wine will remain a very special experience in years to come.